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French Wine Caves


The Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region is the largest administrative region in France. It consists of three departments: Lot-et-Garonne (where Monflanquin is located), Dordogne, and Gironde (map below).


The region is a wine lover and foody paradise. World famous for its wines, the revered estates of Bordeaux in the Gironde department are less than a 2 hour drive from Monflanquin. Gironde is also known for its oyster farming (Marennes-Oléron and Arcachon Bay) and mussel beds (Aiguillon Bay).

Besides wine and seafood, Dordogne (also known as the Périgord) and Lot-et-Garonne are renowned for truffles, fois gras, strawberries, plums, walnuts and cep (porcini) mushrooms. (There are over 20 Michelin star restaurants in the region!)

The area is also well regarded by nature lovers and sports enthusiasts. It includes 750 km (450 miles) of ocean coastline, Europe's highest dune, extensive estuaries, lakes and forests, eight nature Parks (a national Park, five regional Parks and two marine Parks), and the first peaks of the Pyrénées. 

Of course, there is French (and English) history and culture. The UNESCO World Heritage list features several places in Nouvelle-Aquitaine including Bordeaux, Saint-Émilion, and Saint-Savin-sur-Gartempe Abbey -- all waiting to be explored.


Museums are everywhere: Art-Déco and Cité du Vin in Bordeaux,  tapestry in Aubusson, and graphic novels in Angouleme. And don't forget the world famous prehistoric Lascaux caves in Montignac.

  • Use the EXPLORE and FOOD tabs on the menu bar to review almost 50 attractions, 21 Michelin star restaurants, and a wide variety of other eateries in the region. You can also view Bob's photos (he's a professional photographer), as well as our blog postings.

  • Activities in Lot-et-Garonne are generally within a .5 to 1.5 hour drive from the holiday home. Those in Dordogne can be anywhere from half an hour to over two hours away. Gironde activities are at least two hours from Monflanquin.
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Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region

(Red Pin Is Monflanquin)

Map of Nouvelle-Aquitaine


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